The all-new Product Line:

TLR-7000 Series

We manufacture a full line of High-Performance Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, 

and a variety of proprietary Enhanced/Fusion Optical Systems. 




All GSCI thermal imaging systems are now divided into three model lines: Advanced Line, Professional Line and the top-notch Elite Line.

Such division will help all GSCI valued Customers to easier orientate in our product line-up. The three Lines span a wider price range and offer a variety of inclusive and optional accessories that come with each product to ensure that the chosen product will fully satisfy customers' needs and budget.



How do you select a night vision or a thermal imaging device that would perfectly meet your needs? Which parameters are really important?

The Ultimate Purchasing Guide (UPG) is your all-in-one source of unbiased and professional opinion. Shop wisely and get the best value for your money.



GSCI Global Dealer Network is constantly growing. We invite reliable companies to become our partners and deliver GSCI systems to your Customers. Numerous benefits of being an official GSCI Partner include professional support at all stages, quick turnaround times, full assistance in obtaining export license and more.



GSCI is ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management Certified Company

Latest News:

Jun-04-2015. We have now officially released a collection of real-life performance videos of the all-new TLR-7000 Series. Initially presented at CANSEC-2015 just a few days ago it is now available for everyone.


May-06-2015. The time has come to reveal the top-performing systems on the market. We are proud to introduce our new Ultra-Long Range Thermal Imaging products: TLR-7000 Series.


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Apr-16-2015. The Stadiametric Rangefinder that we offered as an upgrade to our Thermal Systems has been incredibly successful. Different customers from hunters to military professionals have experinced SRF in action and are really impressed. After numerous requests we have decided to install SRF on most of our Thermal Imaging Systems free of charge starting today.


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